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TSD In-House Fabrication

Our skilled staff is ready to work with you on your custom jobs. Give us a call and let’s work together. 800-392-3655

Punching, pressing, bending, shearing…TS Distributors does it all and is ready to partner with you on your custom jobs.

Our services are done in-house by an experienced staff that will work closely with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your custom jobs.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjets will quickly and accurately cut most any material; metals, steel, composites, glass, concrete, stone, ceramic and rubber. During the process, water is channeled through a very narrow jeweled nozzle at more than 900 mph and can produce precision parts far superior to flame-cutting or high definition plasma.

Waterjets are able to precisely cut thin, curved lines with no heat-affected zone, distortion or mechanical stresses.

Waterjet Cutting

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Custom Made Stair Steps

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Plate Shearing and Bending

Oxyfuel and High Definition Plasma Cutting

Custom Channel Punching

Custom Plate and Flatbar Punching

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