Available in Wide and Narrow

Handle Included

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    Width & Gate Frame Size:

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    • 2-piece stainless steel latch and deadbolt
    • Stainless steel internal components
    • Cast aluminum lockbox
    • Latch bolt/deadbolt externally adjusted
    • Left and right hand reversible from outside the lockbox
    • Throw length 1"
    • Adjustment of the bolts up to 3/8" continuous without removing the lockbox
    • Key-operated self-latching bolt
    • 4-Hole mounting with two hex head socket screws
    • Center distance between bolts: 2-3/8"
    • Wide Width (3-9/16") with Black Finish
    • Narrow Width (3-1/8") with Black Finish
    Item NumberGate Frame SizeColorDescription
    LKLAKY50FBL2" BlackNarrow Width
    LKLAKY40FBL1-1/2"BlackNarrow Width
    LKLAKY30FBL1-1/4"BlackNarrow Width
    LKLAKY20FBL 1"BlackNarrow Width
    LKLAPY10FBL3/8" to 3/4"BlackNarrow Width
    LKLAKQ40HBL1-1/2" to 2"BlackWide Width
    LKLAKQ30HBL1-1/4"BlackWide Width
    LKLAKQ60HBL2-1/2" to 3"BlackWide Width