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  • U-Edging - MCTR300
  • U-Edging - MCTR300

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18ga Cold Rolled Steel
12 FT Length
1" O.D. Legs
Weld On
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    MCTR300 - Easily attaches to perforated sheets or smooth, flat sheets (16ga - 24ga) as well as all #16 flat expanded metal for a finished, attractive look.

    MCTR400 - Seals the edges of any #9 flat expanded metal. The U-Edging piece will also frame the cut ends of our 10ga wire mesh panels.

    MCTR500 - Trims out our FRZ series of 10ga wire mesh panels that can be used for
    numerous applications.

    MCTR600 - Forms an edge for #6ga wire panels as well as #9 standard expanded metal.

    MCTR700 - Create a border for panels consisting of two #4 ga wires or #6 standard expanded metal.

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